Friday, July 10, 2009

Book Review: 365 AIGA Year in Design 29

Title: 365: AIGA Year in Design 29
Author: editors of Wallpaper magazine
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Published: April 15, 2009
Pages: 367
Price: $ 40.00 (US)

365: AIGA Year in Design 29 is a really nice design annual. The layout is clean so as not to take the focus from the work but there are still enough quirky design elements to give it personality, like the cover which I love. One of the constant criticisms of design contests is that too many of the award winning projects are one off's that the public will never see. In the introduction, Sean Adams defends this annual, stating that while there are unique small run projects there is more work produced for mass audiences than he has seen in a long time. I think he's right there is a good balance of "designy" work for non profits and boutiques and good solutions for huge corporations.

One of the nicest things about this annual, besides the content, is how large the pictures are. Tiny pictures are one of my pet peeves about magazine design annuals where often the work is so small you can't see the details enough to fully appreciate the work. The cross section of work is also nice, categories include everything from typographic design, and experience design to entertainment and experimental design. Ultimately it's the work that makes a good annual and AIGA is full of exciting and inspirational design solutions, I'm sure I'll flip through it often in the years to come.

One Perfect Day cover, Penguin Group, art director Darren Haggar, Jacket designer Evan Gaffney,
This is one of my favourite jackets of the year.

Les Allusifs cover series, Paprika Montreal, creative director Louis Gagnon, art director Francois Leclerc, Jacket designer Francois Leclerc, illustrator Alain Pilon

I love seeing the design solutions to creating book jackets for a series. These covers by Paprika are fabulous, the circle around the title is so strong and despite the many formulas that have come before they created something new, fresh and beautiful.

Everthing is OK, a public design experiment, Mine San Francisco, designers tim belonax and christopher Simmons, creative director Christopher Simmons.
Simple and genius. Put a smile on my face.

posters for the 2009 Honens International Piano Competition, Wax Calgary, designer Monique Gamache, illustrator Tara Hardy, writer Tent Burton I love the bad photocopy texture on the faces and the way the bright colours of the other collage elements interact with it

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