Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Met: Part I

Early this year I visited NY for the first time. I saw lots of amazing things, but my favourite place was The Metropolitan Museum. I spent the entire day there and it still wasn't enough time (I strongly recommend packing lots of snacks when you go). I took alot of pictures of interesting things that inspired me, I plan on posting one or two every week. Here's the first!

Below are some of the beautiful things I came across in the Greek and Roman section.

(fragment of a gold wreath, Greek ca 320-300 BC) I don't know if some ancient greek woman wore this in her curly black hair but that's what I would like to think, and frankly if she didn't she was missing out.

Grave stele of a little girl, ca. 450–440 B.C. I've had a picture of this pasted into a sketchbook for years so it was a very nice surprise to come across it in the Met. The doves she's holding were likely her pets who she's saying goodbye to (sniffle) it really is a beautiful sculpture, I especially like the stylized doves.