Friday, June 12, 2009

Japanese Craft Books and More

Who would have thought the foreign language section of the library (or bookstore) would have so many awesome books?  One of the perks of shelving books at the library is getting to see so many different books (and get paid at the same time).  I discovered Japanese craft books via other blogs several years ago, and was thrilled to discover they could be found in my very own library.  Even though I can't read the text, the pictures and even the design are really inspirational.  Craft books have everything from adorable amigurumi patterns to refined, organic embroidery designs. As long as you know to look in the 700s section of each language you can browse the japanese, korean etc books to find some great stuff.

Probably the best website on Japanese craft books is , with tons of links to people who have posted pictures of various Japanese craft books they have purchased.  The website has links to stores like amazon japan and other online booksellers. I know in Vancouver I have seen a good selection at Sophias Art Books and a couple at Book Warehouse.

One book I found in the Korean section was a home décor craft book.  You can see from the pictures the directions are fairly straightforward and easy to follow.

A beautifully designed Japanese cooking book, I love the hand drawn elements and clean use of a grid system.


Some Korean book covers. I espically love the one with the bird, it has such a clean, ethereal, feeling.


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